Leibster Award Nomination!

Exciting blog community news! I’ve been nominated by the lovely Thom Kuntz from The Smile-IT Blog to participate in the Liebster Awards. As the name might imply, its a German thing, but don’t worry, I’m most definitely going to be writing in English (new Deutsch course starts next week – might be a while longer until I can write auf Deutsch!!).

The Liebster Awards are a fun way to find out more about some of your favourite bloggers and see their answers to curly questions about why we play this whole blogging game anyway. The rules of the game and my nominations are below – but first, to the questions as asked by Thomas:liebsteraward

1. Who’s reading your blog and why are they?

Funnily enough, I have a lot of Austrians following my blog, which is lovely, as I write about my experience of Austrian life. There’s also a decent number of Americans, British and Aussies mixed in. As for why – well, I like to think they enjoy my unique perspective on all things Austria, but it may just be they get a kick out of my naive struggles and confusion! Probably a mix of both.

2. What are you gaining by producing content for your blog? What makes it worth it? 

I started the blog initially as a way to channel some creativity when I first arrived in Austria. I was completely broke with no visa, no job, absolutely no ability to speak Deutsch and no friends. Writing about my positive experiences and the funny things I noticed gave me an outlet and some purpose. Now, its worth it because even though my life here got much much better, I still love having a creative space and way to chronicle the crazy experiences of being an expat, travelling and generally getting through my twenties and beyond.

3. What do you love the most to write about?

The adventures I have with my mister – whether its a travel adventure to Bali or just a new brunch spot we found in the city. Discovering something new with someone you love is so much fun, you can’t help but share that enthusiasm in writing.


Added bonus – photos are better with people in them

 4. What are you reading?

I just finished Khaled Hosseni’s ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ along with Lena Dunhams ‘Not that Kind of Girl’. I’m a book maniac and can pretty consistently be found with a novel in my handbag and another one on the bedside table – my bookshelves are jammed full.

5. How much in your blog is “private” life? How much is job life? How much is mixed?

The blog is definitely my private life – sometimes my travels will be due to work but I’m always writing from a personal perspective.

6. What other public appearances do you maintain (like e.g. facebook or TED talks)?

I have a Twitter feed @carlyhulls and Instagram account which is open to follow. At work I host regular On Air video Hangouts (checkout the TourRadar Youtube channel) and I’m trying to get off Facebook as much as possible. My dream would be to host a TEDtalk one day…feel free to pitch me!

7. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened with or by a blog post of yours?  

I cringe at my early posts – the pictures are embarrassing and the writing isn’t great, but I think its important to keep early, mildly terrible posts online because when I first started blogging I checked the early posts of some of my favourite blogs and it gave me hope!

8. When was the last time that you sang a song (in the shower or on a stage)?

I tend to turn regular sentences into a song at any given time, I don’t even know I’m doing it, it just suddenly becomes an Aria or silly tune. I think the last time I did it was about 40 minutes ago!

9. How many devices do you own and which?

 Samsung S3 mini phone although its soon to be replaced, shared household iPad 2 and my beautiful shiny new desktop Mac that I adore using for all things blog related.

10. Do you only use the web interface on your PC to blog or do you also use your mobilephone, email-2-blog, …?

In a pinch I’ve posted from my mobile but I much prefer writing on a bigger screen and getting an overall feel for the post.


 Snapshot of my desktop at this very moment…little slice of heaven

11. Joker: Are you on your own, live with your Love, have a family or still reside at your parents’?

Living with my lover-boy in Vienna, in the 14th district.

My Nominations:

A selection of expat ladies’ blogs







And two pretty well known blogs – but I’m a huge fan and would love their responses!



Rules to go by:

  • Start with saying thank you and linking to the blog having nominated you
  • Add the award plate image
  • Answer the questions given
  • Chose 5 – 11 other blogs – the intention is to make little known blogs known
  • Formulate 11 questions of your own to challenge your nominees on. No boundaries and limitations on creativity whatsoever …
  • Repeat the rules nicely at the end of your blog
  • Send a nice little eMail to your nominees adding a few explanatory lines
  • That’s it. You may wanna add the optional “rule” to leave a comment at the nominator’s blog – it’s like a nice little virtual bouquet and another way of saying “thanx”


Why did you start your blog?

What’s your most popular post and why do you think it is?

When/how do you fit in blogging around your everyday life?

Are you a chocolate or lollies (candy) fan?

What is the blog that inspires you the most?

Do you have goals for your blog? What are they?

What’s your favourite thing to write about?

Which social media profiles are you most active on? (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr…..)

What time/day of the week do you normally post?

How has your blog improved your life? 

What’s the number one piece of advice you have for fellow bloggers?

Looking forward to seeing their responses – go check out my nominees blogs now, they are all delightful fun. Big thanks to Thomas for the nomination!

I’ll be back to regular posts shortly after a quick trip to Tirol this weekend (wish me luck its bloody snowing up there already!!)


  1. bevchen

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I’ve literally just been given the Liebster Award, so I might give it a miss this time, but maybe I’ll just answer the questions anyway without nominating anyone.

    M yearly posts are awful. Although I’m not sure my recent ones are particularly outstanding either. Way better than my first few though 😉

  2. Paul Harris

    Dear Carly,

    I am English/Australian fashion/cosmetic photographer who stumbled into Vienna in 1978 and never escaped (had a Viennnese girlfriend!).

    I started (without speaking a word of German) to publish VON Magazine in 1981. (see: http://www.vonmagazine.com sorry not yet for iPad nor iPhone)

    I like what you are doing maybe we should meet and cooperate.

    Best regards,

    Paul Harris Publisher

    Harris&Harris Media GmbH Bäcker Strasse 7/13 1010 Wien p.harris@vonmagazine.com Mobil: +43 69917704445

  3. Susan Urbach

    Hello – I am one of your American followers. I have traveled to Austria for the past five summers as staff for a music festival held there. I have gone from no German to some German, every year getting a little bit better. So I relate to what it might be living over there and the differences. One thing I noticed is the picture that is in this post. That is in the Haydnsaal at Schloss Esterházy in Eisenstadt! It’s simply beautiful, isn’t it? And that is where we have our main concert and rehearse, so I know it well. Hope you had a wonderful stay in Eisenstadt.

    Anyway, I love your views and enjoy reading your posts.

    Susan Oklahoma


    • carlyhulls

      Hey Susan you are 100% correct! Esterhazy is so gorgeous I could have stayed wandering the Schloss for hours – how lucky you are to perform there 🙂

  4. thom1309

    Honoured, Carly. I adore your blog! Thanx so much for takin’ part in that one … Enjoy Tirol! See you – maybe – some time around Vienna 😉

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