Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

This came up in my Facebook feed this morning and provided my question of the day – What would I be doing RIGHT NOW if money were no object?

– Learning German at the best school in Vienna, possibly Berlitz
– Studying here for a MsC in International Tourism Management
– Decking myself out in some sweet-arse ski gear for the coming season
-Working somewhere that gets me outdoors and active most days
– Generally studying if I could find a literature course in English to do my masters
– Getting some sweet Xmas presents for the family and S
– Hiring a personal trainer/going to regular English Zumba and Pilates classes to get fit

I realise I may be confusing this with the ‘What if I won the lotto game” but its reassuring that a lot of things on there are do-able. Sadly having a spare 25k for education is not. I really would while away my time learning more if money wasn’t an issue. Not an option right now but we can only dream!!

So it got me thinking, what are your dream plans? What’s on your life list? Is it possible right now?? Hit me in comments!

What do you think?

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