Procrastination, Social Media & long days….

I am spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet. More than I ever have. I can justify a lot of it – English language newspapers and news sources can suck up my morning if I follow the rabbit warren of links that I get from Twitter, Zite and good ole Facey. This is, somehow in my brain ‘justifiable’ as its reading solid news stories and opinion pieces. Still… HOURS PEOPLE.

Then there’s the time I spend somewhat more aimlessly – Pintrest. Dear God it is genius. So pretty, so distracting, so mindless. Facebook as ever has an ongoing update of everyone’s lives back home and is in most cases the best way I can keep in touch with people because lets be honest, who the hell emails anymore? Twitter I still don’t know if I use correctly but its there and its just another way to keep distracting myself. From there I can take my ‘high road’ of checking in with other blogs and looking into writing tips and techniques while searching for English speaking jobs on various job-search websites.The ‘low road’ alternative being wasting  away time on some silly favourites – Gofugyourself, Textsfromlastnight, Cracked, it goes on.

What I’m worried about is how much time is too much time. I make sure to leave the house each day, go for what I am very generously calling a ‘run’ when it is in fact just a light jog followed by 20 mins of brisk walking. Do the food shopping, clear my head with some reading, but the problem is the internet is always RIGHT THERE with its endless endless ways to kill time. I can turn off the laptop, but the ipad is handy. I am a real human losing hours of time to…nothing. Nothing tangible, not all that enriching and certainly not impressive to explain the few months blank on my resume. Funnily enough this blog is one of the great reasons to stay on the internet, plus its forcing me to write more, which can only be a good thing.

So, whats the alternative?? Is this a big deal? I can’t keep spending ten bucks a pop everytime I finish another novel in English and there’s only so much cleaning a girl can do without feeling like a housewife. I cannot find a job soon enough. Or, do I just enjoy this time? Revel in having time to myself? I could almost do that if the damn voice in my head (otherwise known as my conscience) didn’t have such a damn good sense of what a work ethic is.



Dilemna indeed!

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